Molly Bloom

Inside the Surreal Cube you find “The Egg” and inside the egg you find The Museum of Molly Bloom.

Before it came to the Surreal Cube there has been Art, the art of Molly Bloom. How to present this outstanding artist? I am very happy how it went. You see me here with the owl inspecting it. No, I am not the owner of the gallery. It is SR Hadden, the billionaire. The story you see at the end …


You will see it all when you enter the world and go inside “The Egg”. It is all published. There is a Molly Bloom calendar for 2017 in print being presented at the Santorini Biennial 2016. Right now have a look at

00 - Cover


The SURREAL CUBE project: The Molly Bloom Museum comes with a full story …
“This will be MY MONUMENT” by Art Blue
After MOONREZZER and SURREAL TOWER now a SURREAL CUBE comes to life.



Mankind loses old knowledge — finally also the knowledge of keeping art alive was lost. A billionaire could no longer see that art works which have been created before the Cleft like the ones by Molly Bloom shall get lost and burned to ashes. He handed Art Blue over a blank cheque to create a space ship so the art might be safe in a different solar system. His name: SR Hadden. The name of the space ship: SURREAL CUBE. A few thousand years later his follower qHadden bought a disc map from an alien dog named FLA. This disc shows coordinates to a planet LEA. Is this the lost link to where the art was once created? qHadden set course …

As the approach of the big cube got noticed by long range sensors on LEA the awakening routine for Prof. Dr. Kawoom (the scientist who once sent signals to planet DRON7 with the names of the last 42 artists on this planet) became active. One of the names he engraved on the disc matched: Gem Preiz. The cube´s outer hull was a Gem Preiz and so the resonance signals of Vulcanicus, once the last place for art, created space, made room for it. But as time is a tricky thing the landing spot got miscalculated. Spot number 20 is too small for surreality — there the instalment comes into scene. The world is frozen for us in time by the owl, the A.I. who bails Art Blue out if he is in trouble. This gives us time to explore until October 15, 2016.

The instalment at LEA20

The inhabitants are standing around the landing fence. Their life is coded in drops of rain. Rain keeps them alive in shades of grey. The long missing of art had some effect on them. Maybe one experimented with a code of colours and was put in a cell for this? We don’t know. We know the inhabitants love music. This way they hope to stop their fading away but they have only one instrument, the piano. –> made by Mistero Hifeng.
Maybe that’s the reason why FLA from DRON7 had mercy with the inhabitants of LEA and sold the disc? Some readers of rezmagazine may remember the clip by Zeno Astronen “The alien dog FLA on his way to the Bruckner concert house”

Prof. Dr. Kawoom (–> made by Renn Yifu) uses the force of sound to eliminate gravity by playing the piano and by inviting visitors to sing. To sing in tones of O — the ancient ways to lift heavy stones on Ley lines up. Right now he instructs the ASL A.I. (–> made by Art Eames) to direct the singing sun and the moon (–> made by Nexuno Thespian) to bring the surreal cube into place by signing to them in ASL quantum sign language. For this the cube has to be lifted and turned.

Inside the surreal cube there is the world that has been kept alive and conserved over thousands of years in another cube. Inside this cube is a full world. On first glance you may notice the Korobase A.I., called “The Egg”. Inside The Egg is the Molly Bloom Museum (–> made by Hyde Hackl). The Museum showing over 30 originals by Molly Bloom, once given to Art Blue. Art gave them into care to the SR Hadden foundation as all the servers on earth did no longer run old code. Inside the cube you also notice that “The Fish” got eternal life. The Fish world could keep its language. They speak to each other not needing ASL to sign as they have water as transmitter. The Dadaistic Fish world was made by Moewe Winkler.

At the Grand Opening there will be a short theatrical play: Craving for a Monument.

When you watch the play you may ask what the ASL Noob signs in the play. Here comes the answer: “Thanks for All the Fish” (a quote by Douglas Adams).

Art Blue

You find a short story published in rezmagazine September 2016 which is lightly related to this instalment: THE MONUMENT. It shows the end of Art Blue in working on big instalments in SL.

It is my final, means my last full instalment in SL I bring to life. I will continue writing and offer my support to the LEA community.

Now more about how this project found and finds its way.


One year ago I got an AIR grant by Linden Endowments for the Arts which allowed me to set up an art instalment where I play with the idea of artificial moons becoming a force in the universe. The United Moons have been and will be born in the future. Rezing moons on demand is my artistic contribution: MOONREZZER. This instalment features a central Moon as an Artificial Intelligence keeping 12 inner moons rotating and alive. The connection to The Algebraist by Ian Banks is intended. Each moon shows an outstanding piece of 3D art I collected over the years. By great support of the (originally 12) contributing artists the MOONREZZER was copied to opensim to keep it as a time capsule for future generations. The art itself is hold as attachments by bots in a frozen pose. This allowed me to bring more than the 50.000 prims to view.

Bryn Oh, Feathers Boa, Sorry Nishi, Cherry Manga, Molly Bloom, Fiona Blaylock, Maya Paris, Nexuno Thesipian, Navah Dreams, Met Knelstrom, JadeYu Fhang, Renn Yifu, Exy Atreides, FGOTM, Giovanna Cerise, Fuschia Nightfire, Soldike Auer, Chance Acoustic. This list contains more than 12 so the moons being hold by the Algebraist need a rezing logic. What you like to see the most the AI will show you.

WizardOz Chrome brought the MOONREZZER to the Live Performers Meeting LPM 2015 in Rome on screen in the Nuovo Cinema Aquila. Watch her machinima at YouTube and read in my iReport at
More at

In a following core grant, called SURREAL TOWER I made a simple hull to be filled by artists with their sole unique message that shall be kept for future generations. It shows what surprising worlds can be inside a simple tower-like box which never changes shape. Artists from LEA AIR grants round 1 to 10 got invited to bring the key message of their former art work back. In future times their work might be explored same ways as they once created them – just inside the boundaries of a tower. The transfer of the SURREAL TOWER to opensim was completed successfully for and by Gem Preiz, Tansee Trillium, Ink and Stem van Helsinki, Moewe Winkler and Uan Ceriaptrix.
More at

Art Oluja (Artistik Oluja), Mary Wickentower, Maya Paris and Mikati Slade took part in my LEA core grant and made great towers which have been filmed by VJ Krieger and WizardOz Chrome but finally they did not complete the transition to opensim. This made me think of a curated effort to create and transfer a full world instalment as a cooperative project with a key lead and an open lead.


This time I go in the SURREAL CUBE further to a worldwide cooperative effort that includes a showing in a real Biennale – in Santorini, Greece. I make a conceptual design and let other artists share and work together in one instalment which shall be my Monument. Also I give the part of curating in other hands. What is left for me is to tell the dream of the Surreal Cube – that will be presented at the Santorini Bienniale in Real Life from 1st September, 2016 onwards – in plays and short stories. The Surreal Cube will become a monument. Indeed it shall be MY MONUMENT as the last instalment I am asking for a LEA AIR grant.

The key lead
As the key, the mission statement I published on July 2016:

“Each artist will be named and his or her contribution included in a booklet. There is a must to meet request: each contribution has to be done simultaneously in Second Life and in opensim. Only then the Surreal Cube can be conserved for museal purposes. Therefore it is needed that each artist created on his / her own and is the sole creator of his / her part. No part from marketplace or from friends! – as you can´t upload it then to opensim.

The elements of the project:

The Egg and the Molly Bloom Museum
In the center of the Surreal Cube is an Egg. This egg comes historically from Silvio Korobase. This egg got life in my stories of the egg, published in rez Magazine. Inside this egg will be the Molly Bloom museum. Molly Bloom will be presented at Santorini Bienniale in different ways. The way to know here is inside a museum that it nested itself inside the egg. The size of the egg shall be about 80 meter in height. The Surreal Cube is 180 x 180 x 180 meter.

The solar area
Between the Egg and the Surreal Cube (inner hull) is the solar area. Inside this are manifestations, projections, creations of the egg. The Egg creates art out of inspirations the egg gets by seeing also by being with the work of Molly Bloom. It can be poetry. It can be nature. It can be many things. Solaris by Stanislaw Lem might be a thinking that comes up.

Meta Harper 3rd person view
Visitors not familiar with the special keys of Second Life or opensim have difficulties to focus on the objects created, therefore they may miss the best parts. They may get even annoyed. That’s why to sit on a chair and to get a flight through the Surreal Cube is a core part of the presentation. This ensures that all the art works come into focus – like in a guided tour.

Until now the head curator Juliette Surrealdreaming selected and has got confirmation by:
Gem Preiz, Mistero Hifeng, Silvio Korobase, Molly Bloom”

The key lead was published after the grant was given in first week of July 2016. Within two month it developed to a setting you see now at LEA20 in September 2016.

WizardOz Chrome made a machinima about the Surreal Tower to be presented at the 3rd edition of the Santorini Biennale in the Grand Opening an in the Open Air Cinema KAMARI –>
You will find it at YouTube and

The Biennale ends on October 15, 2016. Then the Molly Bloom Museum, The Egg and the Fish world will be taken out of LEA20 – but stay of course conserved in opensim.

The LEA grant runs until December 31, 2016. So more than two month give room for “The Open Lead”.

The Open lead

As the Santorini Biennale as IMMERSIVIA do not need to close on a specific date different instalments can be set up and conserved by using the Surreal Cube in LEA20. One is already at work. It is the big noob inside this cube signing in ASL. Art Eames is the one who decided to do so. He will bring his ASL noob inside the cube and create an opener at one side.

Other artists are hereby invited to fill a Surreal Cube with their artistic dream. Juliette Surrealdreaming has offered to curate The Open Lead. Contact her and you get space in a skybox to work it out and get presented in November and December in LEA20 and to be saved in opensim.
About my mission to conserve the Beginning of Digital Immersive Art you may start with my article: The Primcurator (Museum Aktuell, September 2011) –>
A backup is here:



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