WizardOz Chrome

WizardOz Chrome is a gifted video artist. She started making screenshots some years ago and became finally the machinima maker for all projects I am in charge as conceptualist for a shared work experience in virtual immersive art.

At the Life Performers Meeting LPM 2015 in Rome her machinima for the MOONREZZER was selected.

WizardOz Chrome was selected as photographer in the Volcano of Art project VULCANICUS. She shows her machinima SURREAL CUBE as an opener for LEA20 inworld on 1st September 2016 at 1.01 PM PDT.

Seats are very limited and go on a first come first served basis. LEA20 is set for 50 people for a low lag experience of the performance “Good Bye Shining Blackstar” performed by Venus Adored. Late arrivals can watch from neighbour sims by using their camera. After Good Bye Shining Blackstar at 1.45 PM the limit will be set on 100 avatars.

<< Max capacity of 50 visitors has been reached on Sept 1st>>

WizardOz Chrome presents the artists who took part in the Santorini Biennale section IMMERSIVIA within the SURREAL CUBE grant:

Art Eames, Germany

Cherry Manga, France

Gem Preiz, France

Hyde Hackl, Netherlands

Mistero Hifeng, Italy

Moewe Winkler, Germany

Molly Bloom, United States

Neruval, Stateless

Nexuno Thespian, Italy

Venus Adored, Denmark

Curator: Juliette Surrealdreaming, United States



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