Heading to Molly Bloom

I was asked: “What is the fastest way to see the Museum of Molly Bloom?”

You need to be a little patient. It is like your grandma is asking -> “You said I shall skype you. How?” Your Grandma had until now just her old phone. You are about to move to a different town and you want to be in touch with her by a brand new smartphone you gave her. Will you tell her: “just charge the battery full, install skype and click on me” — surely not!

So you both – you and your grandma – need to show some patience. Maybe your grandma needs a little motivation? Here it comes … a video by WizardOz Chrome: The Surreal Cube where the museum is inside 🙂 — the Molly Bloom museum starts at timestamp 3:20

To visit Molly Bloom is not made for the masses as skype is made, so be patient and be smart — and give it a few tries. Right up we go now!

1. You need a viewer to explore the virtual world with an avatar. Firestorm is one of many – download it – check for the right version.


2. If you have a windows operating system, check for 32bit or 64bit opensim.


3. After having installed Firestorm you need to create an Avatar so you are able to login to an immersive user created virtual world. The choosen world for the showing of some artworks submitted to the Santorini Bienniale is Metropolis Metaversum. Avatar name, password, start point (Home), grid selection and preferred design look of the viewer you see marked. In the demonstration videos how to walk and how to use camera a different desing is used. Check in time what design you prefer.


4. How to create your Avatar? Easy, just select the color of your Eye avatar, claim a name and set a password you never used before. Enter a valid email so you are able to change the password later — if needed. Check TOS of IMMERSIVIA and TOS of the grid — there are no costs at all.

In case you dont find the grid Metropolis Metaversum listed you need to add it manually. How this works you see here http://imgur.com/a/5pcTd — Please send a note if this happened to you -> info@immersivia.com or in Facebook <- Thank you.


5. Use your Avatar Data to enter Metropolis via Firestorm (see 3.) — you will land at Santorini Biennale — under water. Press PageUp key on your keyboard and get to life — or as you want to head directly to the Molly Bloom museum:

click on Map, enter Futurelab, click Find and click Teleport.


6. Arriving at Futurelab. You land on a big chair. Turn with the arrows keys so you get a 360 degree look around. Enjoy to watch the creation of the Surreal Cube at the neighbour sim called South Horizon.


7. The creation can take some time as tons of data have to be transfered from the server to the Firestorm viewer — and your graphic card has to render the data. You see your tiny Eye Avatar on the chair in this screenshot.


8. Time to Teleport to South Horizon. You see the information for the Map. I entered as height 140, but you may land under water —  on the second try you make it. how2entermolly8

9. Enter when you are at South Horizon as location data: 117 142 100 — and you are at the entrance of The Egg — The Museum of Molly Bloom is just a few footsteps away — inside the Egg. Move with the arrows keys to walk — to glide — inside.how2entermolly9

10. Yeah, you made it … You see where I am now standing? South Horizon 146 149 103


11. There is much to explore … like I said at the beginning. Skype on a smartphone for your Grandma — not an easy going if you want it all at once — it takes a while until she smiles getting her granddaughter live on screen back after an update of the phone happened — setting it all back to factory defaults.


Inerested to read about technology in the Museum of the Future, published in ExpoTime! August 2016?