How to log in


You can log in to the Santorini Biennale IMMERSIVA from home. You need a PC with a good graphic card and a reasonably good internet connection so the works load in a reasonable time. Two steps are needed. The first is to create an Avatar which comes for the IMMERSIVIA in form of an Eye. It takes less than five minutes via and you have a red, green or blue eye. By doing so we avoid questions of dress code and good looks. Use a unique password – one you never used before. You steer your avatar with mouse and keyboard like you see in the two short videos on – for walk – and – for camera control.

Then you download the Opensim version of the Firestorm viewer. There are versions for the most common operating systems – For most it will be the 64-bit Windows version.

With Firestorm you log in with your Eye avatar to Metropolis grid (you have to select this opensim world) and you land at the map Santorini Biennale.

Then you have a lot of ways to stroll around. You may offer Art Blue – the curator Avatar – friendship so he knows when logging in next that you are born 🙂


You find the Surreal Cube at South Horizon. For his you enter in Map “Futurelab” (Find). You land on a big chair and you see South Horizon (the sim next) loading. It may take a while if your internet is not fast or your PC not extreme strong. Then fly there and try to get inside the big cube – via Teleport and Landmarks which you will find …


When you have managed to log in then best to write an email or to post to “Ervare” aka Art Blue in Facebook – easy to find more information via Santorini Biennale. Friendly helpers for opensim you find in the group Hypergrid Safari.

Just start slowly: create your Avatar, then sneak around. Have a second look on the videos.

If you have questions send an email to

There is a “step by step” tutorial “HEADING TO MOLLY BLOOM“. Use this if you are new to virtual worlds.

Second Life

Second Life (SL) was developed 13 years ago by Linden Lab using software from Berkeley. Opensim technology and SL have many elements in common.

The University of California develops robust opensim systems for MOSES (Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy). At Santorini Biennale MOSES technology is used on a VM Oracle server for demonstration to show the art worlds you see in the machinima by WizardOz Chrome and by Eugen Krieger on a  VAR region which spans over a 4×4=16 sim wide area. For an online visit we decided to split and separate the big VAR sim to single sims (Map names to find). This way people with older PCs or notebooks have a chance to visit – otherwise you would need for a VAR sim a very strong PC with a highend graphic card.

As many people – especially in USA – are using SL we have managed to bring a part of the Biennale there, in SL, to run. The name of the map is LEA20. The Grand Opening of LEA20 was at the same time as in Santorini. LEA20 is open for the Biennale artists until October 15, 2016.