Terms and Conditions to enter “The Grid” you find at Metropolis grid when you create an EYE-Avatar via or the Wooden Mannequin Avatar via The Wooden Mannequin Avatar was created for the 2nd edition of IMMERSIVIA with became part of the 4th edition of Santorini Biennale. A booklet was given for free to readers of Hypergrid Business.

In this booklet is stated:

“Art Blue downloaded for the Grand Opening of #Neighbourhood the Wooden Mannequin Avatar by consent from Phil Rosedahle’s world HighFidelity. Cherry Manga converted and rigged the Avatar. The Avatar is stated as opensource, the creators name is unknown. Similar Avatars exist for some years know as skeleton Avatars.
Via this link you create yourself as a Wooden Mannequin
Via this link you create yourself as an Eye-Avatar

You have to be older as 18 years even there are just pieces of art to see. If you are younger ask your parents to create an avatar and that they shall stay at your side when you look around. You may first have a look at a school project PRIMEXPLORER where kids between 12 and 14 years learned to built in opensimulator.

How to start using the keyboard and mouse you find in this short videos:

How to walk at:

How to use camera at:

What you may experience in this world you see best in the machinmas of WizardOz Chrome.