Gem Preiz

Surreal Cube

Quand Art Blue m’a demandé d’habiller de fractals le Surreal Cube, j’ai accepté parce que le motif du cube est justement un terrain de jeu privilégié des fractals, depuis le cube de Cantor ou celui de Koch. Puis il m’a expliqué le projet de l’oeuf contenu dans le cube, hébergeant lui-même un musée des oeuvres de Molly Bloom.

Et la cohérence de l’ensemble m’est apparue : le cube anguleux, clos, refermé sur lui-même, délimitant un espace fini, protecteur à la façon d’un coffre-fort ou d’un écrin, dans lequel on tient caché les objets précieux, mais sans vie.
A l’opposé l’oeuf, rond, dont la surface semble sans limite, protecteur lui aussi mais à la façon d’une coquille fragile hébergeant la vie, destinée à éclore. Enfin le contenu, les oeuvres pleines de souffle et d’énergie de Molly Bloom, où les personnages débordent d’une telle vie que les limites du cadre leur sont insupportables et qui font irruption sans se gêner dans l’espace du spectateur.

J’ai donc habillé le Surreal Cube de 20 motifs géométriques qui se succèdent en lui faisant perdre progressivement son caractère de forteresse métallique pour l’ouvrir peu à peu vers des motifs plus aérés, diffus, ouverts, comme une invitation à découvrir son contenu.

Gem Preiz

When Art Blue asked me to texture the Surreal Cube with fractals, I accepted because the shape of a cube is typically a playground of fractals, since cube of Cantor or that of Koch. Then he explained me the project of the egg contained in the cube, hosting itself a museum of Molly Bloom’s works.

And the consistency of the project appeared to me: the angular cube, closed on itself, bounding a finished, protective space like a safebox or like a case, in which we hold hidden the precious, but dead objects.
In contrast the egg, the circle, the surface of which seems without limit, protective too but like a fragile shell accommodating the life, ready to hatch. Finally the contents, the works full of breath and energy of Molly Bloom, where the characters overflow such a life as limits of the frame are unbearable for them and who penetrate without being ashamed in the space of the spectator.

I thus dressed the Surreal Cube of 20 geometrical patterns which follow one another by making it lose gradually its character of metallic fortress to open step by step towards airier, more diffuse, open designs, as invitation to discover its contents.

Gem Preiz

The work of Gem Preiz I discussed in an Art Talk at the Surreal Art Gallery.


The Surreal Tower by Gem Preiz is also presented in the Biennale. You just need to log in with an Avatar. Thats the way:


You can log in to the Santorini Biennale IMMERSIVA from home. You need a PC with a good graphic card and a reasonably good internet connection so the works load in a reasonable time. Two steps are needed. The first is to create an Avatar which comes for the IMMERSIVIA in form of an Eye. It takes less than five minutes via and you have a red, green or blue eye. By doing so we avoid questions of dress code and good looks. Use a unique password – one you never used before. You steer your avatar with mouse and keyboard like you see in the two short videos on – for walk – and – for camera control.

Then you download the Opensim version of the Firestorm viewer. There are versions for the most common operating systems – For most it will be the 64-bit Windows version.

With Firestorm you log in with your Eye avatar to Metropolis grid and you land at the map Santorini Biennale.

If you have questions send an email to


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